Hidden Valley

@ Gro Mad Plantations


Something a little extra to make your farm stay more authentic


Chicken Feeding – Come feed the chickens while they are free ranging on the farm. I will give the kids a cup of cracked seed and / or some bread and they can collect 1/2 dozen eggs. In summer we often have young chickens which the kids can hold. But no promises, I don’t incubate, it all depends on when the girls go broody.


Stingless Native bee talk and tasting – We will show you inside a stingless native bee hive and explain how they help pollinate our macadamia trees, and the benefit of having a native bee hive in your own garden. This includes a taste of the unique sugar bag honey.



Firewood – A 20 kg crate of seasoned hardwood. Ample for a night around the campfire.



Hidden Valley - sustainable, organic, beautiful